PEARL GLOVE is focused on meeting the design and manufacturing needs of its valued OEM customers. We specialize in tailoring gloves to the specific needs of each customer. We work closely & discreetly with our customers for new product developments. As a Malaysian glove maker, you can rest assure that our core activities lie in our manufacturing excellence and strict quality control.

With our wide range of experience and extensive manufacturing knowledge, PEARL GLOVE has the unique ability to deliver innovative cost effective solutions that achieve optimum performance. At the core of our business is the meticulous passionate obsession to provide the highest quality gloves to our customers around the world.


Our Passion for Innovations

At PEARL GLOVE, we keep challenging ourselves to discover new and better ways to continuously make advanced gloves. We are constantly working to develop new formulations, processes and applications that bring better gloves to consumers everywhere.

As a discerned glove-maker, we always innovate according to the voice of customers. Being sensitive to the needs of our customers and to the market demand, we always listen and innovate to bring better solutions to our customers and to our environments.