Pearl Glove (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. is a Malaysian-owned company, which Designs, Develops and Manufactures industrial work gloves.


What makes Us Different?

  • Our Gloves are eco-friendly which are formulated and processed from water-based substances
  • We provide affordable gloves.
  • Our processes undergo stringent quality assessment.
  • The standards our gloves are 100% inspected by the QC.
  • We embrace Clean & Lean manufacturing to help
  • Preserve the green environment for our children and future generations
  • minimize our production cost and maximize your benefits
  • Awarded the prestigious pioneer status by the Malaysian government through the Ministry of International Trade and Industries.
  • Our gloves are granted preferential tariff treatment such as GSP (Europe), JMEPA (Japan), CEPT (ASEAN) & AANZFTA (Australia & New Zealand). 

Where we are . . .

Our factory is strategically located on a 5-acre site in Bakar Arang Industrial Estate in Sungai Petani, Malaysia. It is approx. 35km from the Penang Bridge which links to Penang Island. We are supported by strong, excellent infrastructures with very ideal & peaceful surroundings.

Who we are . . .

Pearl Glove (Malaysia) Pvt. Ltd. is a Malaysian-owned company that designs, develops and manufactures industrial work gloves. Consumers around the world perpetually associate us with exceptional quality, protection and comfort.

PEARL GLOVE is focused on meeting the design and manufacturing needs of its valued OEM customers. We are industrialists and manufacturers of industrial, work and garden gloves, which involves well-experienced professionals who are passionate about gloves. We devise the finest coating to the finest fabric with great care to ensure that our world-wide customers receive only the best from our efforts.

We specialize in tailoring gloves to the specific needs of each customer. We work closely & discreetly with our customers for new product developments. At PEARL GLOVE, we keep challenging ourselves to discover new and improved techniques to continuously produce advanced gloves. Our mission is to deliver comfort and protection to the hands. Our greatest prominent is to strive to exceed customers' expectations in quality, and continuous improvement.

Besides that, we are committed to manufacturing excellence and sustainable innovation while promoting the green environment concept to our customers, community and shareholders.